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Dissolving your marriage and dividing all of the marital assets and debts accumulated during marriage.

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Domestic Violence

Seeking a domestic violence restraining order or defending yourself from receiving a restraining order.

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Adoptive parents seeking to formalize their relationship by legally adopting a child or a stepchild.

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Determining the rights of both parents to spend time with and make decisions about their child or children.

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A family law attorney will guide you through the challenges and legal questions presented by spousal support, child support, and custody in San Diego. In protecting your standard of living and the well-being of your children, we’ll take the steps necessary to obtain temporary and permanent orders regarding each of these issues, and when appropriate, seek post‑judgment modification of orders.

Divorce poses many issues that can make reaching resolution difficult. Our lawyers protect our clients with strong advocacy skills, and where the client is willing, the firm will also utilize collaborative law or mediation processes. In a collaborative law case, there are four‑way meetings in which the parties and their divorce lawyers work together to resolve your divorce and related issues. In mediation, a neutral third party facilitates an agreement between you and your spouse, and parties may have their own divorce attorneys to provide advice, draft documents, and review the agreement. Both of these processes take place outside of the courtroom and foster cooperation and communication that can persist after divorce, which is of central importance, especially when children are involved.

In a high-asset divorce, we understand that clients are faced with special concerns, and we’ll focus on safeguarding your financial interests as assets are divided. Clients with substantial assets have complex marital estates; consequently, complicated ownership and valuation issues often arise. For example, these issues may stem from businesses, partnership interests, real property, pensions, stock options, and other forms of executive compensation. Additionally, tax considerations must be addressed, as well as the effect of premarital agreements when relevant. We’ll carefully analyze your rights and take the appropriate actions to protect your assets as these critical determinations are made.

San Diego Family Law Attorney

kathy minellaMinella Law Group was established in 2014 by Attorney Kathy Minella. Kathy Minella began practicing family law right out of law school in 2010 working for one of the largest family law firms in Northern San Diego County. She then ventured into a smaller boutique law firm where she ran the family law department. The goal being to provide a more personalized service. Schedule a free Family Law Consultation.


"Kathy and her team are terrific. She provided great service and helped me with every step of my case. Kathy provides detailed explanations of every step and possible options, and she helped me to find the optimal outcome for my situation. I would highly..."

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