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Learn how Minella Law Group will use their expertise to provide you will sound legal advice and legal action for all your family law needs. During the call we will use our extensive expertise to personally advise you on your legal needs by:

  • Giving you a quick recommendation based on your particular family law needs.
  • Explaining how Minella Law Group’s family law legal process works.
  • Identifying how our deep experience can help facilitate swift resolution for your family.

We aim to help families through whatever legal challenges they might face. We know that these issues can take an emotional toll on families. That’s why we specialize in providing personalized service to answer all your questions and guide you through the legal intricacies of your family law needs. There is no cost for the consultation! Call (619) 289-7948 to set up an appointment today. (You may also contact us using the form on the right of this page)

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avvo-clients-choice“With so many attorneys in the San Diego area, I didn’t even know where to start. I set up a consultation with Kathy and we went over the entire process. She was honest about the good and bad, was aggressive, and very knowledgable. After that meeting my decision was made.”
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