California Divorce Needs

Divorce Attorneys in San Diego

A divorce legally terminates a marriage, and usually includes the division of property between spouses, the arrangement of child custody, and frequently, spousal and child support.

Divorce is usually not a simple process.  Commonly many complex issues can arise, particularly when it comes to financial matters.  In divorces where many assets are at stake, financial issues often pose special difficulties.  We’ll work to secure your best interest in resolving these issues, which may include:

  1. Divisions or buy-outs of interests in family businesses
  2. Complex valuation issues, and
  3. Issues relating to retirement benefits, stocks and bonds, social security, and health insurance

San Diego Divorce Lawyer Expertise

In California it is possible to terminate marital status first and resolve other issues afterwards.  If you wish, our lawyers will seek an early and separate trial to terminate your marital status.

In this difficult and important process, Minella Law Group’s divorce attorneys will support you and work to protect your personal and financial well-being through diligent investigation, careful analysis, and experienced advocacy.

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